I'm Being Featured on Artbomb!

I have the exciting opportunity of being featured on Artbomb in the coming weeks! Artbomb is an online subscription service that sends you an email with a new piece of original artwork each day. How cool is that! Three of my pieces are going to be auctioned and the dates are: May 25, 2015 , June 1st 2015, and June 5th 2015.

You can sign up to receive the emails here and you can unsubscribe anytime!

Here are the pieces that will be auctioned, so if you've had your eye on any of them, now's your chance to scoop them up!

OCADU Grad Ex 100

I felt so blessed to be a part of the 100th annual OCADU Graduate Exhibition this past weekend. Over 8,000 people came through the school on opening night! It was a wonderful night full of excitement and celebration of everyone's accomplishments. There was so much to see, I barely saw half of what was being exhibited, but it was so inspiring to see how hard everyone worked and how creative and innovative everyone's final projects were.

My sister Melody, my brother Ben and I at the show

My sister Melody, my brother Ben and I at the show

I spent most of my time connecting with my family and friends, showing them around the show and celebrating being done. I am so thankful for all of their support and encouragement especially when I was doubting myself which was often! Even though  I'm not sure about what the future holds, I have so many amazing people in my corner and they inspire me every day to keep creating and following this crazy path I've started down.

My sister-in-law Amanda also goes to OCADU for Material Art and Design and she was selling these beautiful ceramic cups and lavender pillows she made at the show. She is going to go places let me tell you, her talent is off the charts. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for her Thesis next year.

If you were at the show and I didn't get a chance to meet you, please let me know in the comments! What was your favourite part?

Endings and Beginnings

I am typing this the night before I go set all of my work up for the OCADU Grad Show which opens on Wednesday. I can't believe my four years at art school are over already. I remember sitting with my sister-in-law Amanda like it was yesterday and chatting about her plans to quit Psychology at Queens and go to OCAD for fiber art and being so excited for her. Then thinking, "If she's doing it, why can't I?" Just leaving everything to follow my dream of becoming an artist. It didn't seem as terrifying back then because I had some time to figure it out. Now, I'm all finished and it's much scarier.

I never thought I could enjoy school as much as I enjoyed my time at OCAD. I met so many amazing people had so many wonderful experiences. I am sad to be done, to lose the daily interaction with fellow artists, to lose the invisible push of trying to keep up to everyone. But it means the beginning of a new phase that I know will be good, but different. School was easy because it was structured, I knew what I needed to do and when to do it. Now, it's an open page. I get to decide how to fill it.

Although it's uncertain, I'm excited for this new chapter and to figure things out as I go. I hope for this to be a place where I can share my  struggles, successes and process as I make art and that it would be an inspiration to anyone who's just starting out as an artist like me.