The Year of Creative Habits

Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants.

Something to motivate you to get off your butt and make whatever is important to you happen. Sometimes will power isn't enough, you need structure and planning and accountability.

Making and looking at art makes me come alive. It fires me up and fuels me for whatever is happening in my life. I've realized that if I don't have time to create, I feel lost and directionless. I need to make time for making.

But the thing is, I haven't.

I've made excuses and cleaned the house and read piles of books and looked on Pinterest and Instagram for "inspiration" and did just about everything except make stuff of my own. I managed to make some paintings since graduating, but I completely lost my momentum from school. I was doing it every day, and now I paint once a week if I'm lucky.

Sooooooo.... this year I'm doing a challenge. I'm going to make something new Every. Single. Day. And I'm utterly terrified and it feels like it will be insanely hard but I'm so excited.

The program is Crystal Moody's Year of Creative Habits. She's been doing this for two years now, first with a drawing a day and next with a painting a day. I listened to her podcast with Cory Huff on the Abundant Artist and was SO inspired by her discipline. There is a group of people all doing the year of creative habits for 2016, everyone is doing something different, but each of us has committed to something to do each day. I've chosen to take a photo of some part of architecture each day and to do a drawing or painting of the previous day's photo.

I always feel like I never have enough photos and that my photography skills are still pretty amateur so I feel like if I push myself to take a photo every single day, how can I not get better?


I love this quote:

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily."  --John C. Maxwell

Little by little is how big things happen and I know that if I challenge myself in this small way every single day I will be able to build momentum and grow as an artist. Creativity and growth are two of my biggest core values and those will both be a large part of this year for me.

I'll be posting what I make each day on Instagram and I'll be blogging about how it's going each week so you can follow along with me and keep me accountable. I'll be using hashtag: #yearofcreativehabits and #yoch2016 and you'll be able to see all the other talented folks who are doing the challenge as well. I'm also using Elise Blaha Cripe's daily goal tracker

I'M SO SCARED! But super pumped. Can't wait to see what this year will bring. Stay tuned for the first post which will be from Mont Tremblant! My fiancee Marc and I are headed there to spend New Year's with his siblings for a ski weekend I can't wait!

Happy New Year!!!!