2015 Year in Review and 2016 Goal Setting

So Saturday I told you about how I'm facing my fears. Today, I'm taking one step in that direction by sharing some things that have happened this past year and some goals I've set for myself for the upcoming year.

One of the tendencies I'm trying to rid myself of is always seeing the negative over the positive and so I haven't truly celebrated a lot of the really amazing things that I did this year. So this is me celebrating my achievements WOO HOO!

2015 Wins

  • got engaged to the true love of my life, Marc
  • graduated with my 2nd bachelor's degree (BFA Drawing and Painting)
  • created a body of work, refined my artistic style and direction
  • launched my website
  • featured on Artbomb
  • exhibited in 3 major Toronto art fairs
  • sold 9 paintings in one weekend at one of those art fairs
  • sold my largest and most expensive painting
  • got my first paid commission
  • made lots of amazing friends and connections at art fairs
  • exhibited two pieces in the Mercedes Benz "Experiencing Perspectives" exhibition
  • opened my online shop
  • learned how to use my DSLR and take better photos of my work
  • met Mayor John Tory at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
  • read all the books on my reading list
  • exhibited in a group show called "City of Art" at Gallery 1313
  • created and launched a small Christmas collection

Ok so now here's me being vulnerable and letting you in on my failures for the year.

What Could Have Gone Better?

  • wasted a lot of time watching TV, social media and playing this stupid ipad game (HayDay)
  • failed to nurture many of my relationships
  • constantly compared myself to others and wasted time and emotional energy feeling inadequate
  • spent lots of time "planning" and not a lot of time doing
  • focused on perfection which prevented me from just getting to work
  • worried constantly which made me not so fun to be around

Goals for 2016

  • top secret year long creative project (so excited about this, details coming next week!)
  • nurture my relationships; being a genuine listener and being fully present
  • face my fears of putting myself out there and doing things anyway even when they're not perfect
  • grow my art sales by creating and following a business/marketing plan
  • post to Instagram and blog consistently
  • save for our wedding and a place of our own
  • hone my photography skills
  • focus on progress not perfection (a la Lara Casey)

I may develop more or cut down depending on how the year goes. But I think this is a good place to start. I don't want to feel too overwhelmed since I will be starting full time work again in January.

Stay tuned for next week when I tell you all about this big project I'm cooking up. I am so excited about it but also really scared because it's going to be a huge commitment and a lot of work, but this 2016 is about doing SCARY things that bring change in big ways :)