I am an abstract artist by night and corporate interior designer by day, living and working in Toronto, Ontario. My love for interiors and architecture inspires my work as I aim to create beauty from my surroundings.

I create paintings that are inspired by the energy and life of towns and cities shown through sharp lines, carefully crafted colour palettes and gestural abstract expressionist marks.

I graduated with my degree from the Interior Design Program at Humber College in 2009. After working for a few years at a large firm, I decided to return to school to study fine art. In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in Toronto. I now work at a wonderful design firm by day and pursue my art practice by night. I love both design and art equally as they each inform each other and allow me to constantly make new connections and be inspired by new ideas.




Every day we move through the urban landscape having to tune out all the excess noise as we focus on getting to our destination.

My work gives form to these every day experiences, showing these spaces as fleeting and familiar, beautiful and complex. Re-imagining the urban landscape through abstraction, my paintings show the essence of the street, its elevated pace and vibrancy; the softness of the light contrasted with the sharpness of the architecture.

My images move from abstraction to reality and back, the way we move from place to place; showing visually the way streets, and neighborhoods are felt, experienced and lived.




2016 “Urban Translation” Earl Selkirk Gallery at Articulations, Toronto, ON



2018 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square

2018 The Artist Project - Untapped Emerging Artist Competition, Toronto, ON

2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

2016 Yorkville Village Arts Festival, Toronto, ON

2016 Art By Designers, The Burroughes, Toronto, ON

2016 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

2016 Spring Exibition, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON

2015 “City of Art” Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON

2015 “Experiencing Perspectives” Mercedes Benz Financial Services, Mississauga, ON

2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

2015 Queen West Art Crawl, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON

2015 Kensington Market Art Fair, June 28th and August 30th, Toronto, ON

2015 100th Annual OCADU GradEx, Toronto, ON

2014 “Two Week Marriage,” OCAD University Transit Space, Toronto, ON



2016 Spark Box Studio, Picton, ON